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October 2017

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The Minimalists 30 Day Challenge

October 29, 2017
What would you do if you had less stuff cluttering your home and your mind? I'm setting off to find exactly that. Inspired by The Minimalists, I'm starting my own minimalism journey for the next 30 days to evaluate what I really need.

Isn’t it kind of crazy the amount of stuff we can accumulate? I’ve never been the most organized gal, so when that meets with my excess stuff it’s a combination for disaster. It’s a problem I’ve had all my life, messy bedroom, closet that looks like a tornado went through it, clutter galore. I have moved a total of 13 times in my life and Every. Single. Time. I find myself asking whyyyyy do I own so much stuff?? Yet I never did anything about it. I donated tons of things to Salvation Army but I’d always buy more things just to replace those things. One of those never ending cycles. After watching The Minimalists I felt inspired to make more of an effort to do something about it.  Continue Reading

Live + Flourish Personal Development

Fall Feels: Reading, Watching, Listening

October 26, 2017
Is there anything better than curling up with a good book or watching a good show in the fall? Here is a roundup of great things to keep you occupied in the fall.

Look, let’s just get it out there. I love fall. What’s a Millennial girl to do? Crisp temperatures, overcast days, and red leaves are all right up my alley. Even if you don’t like those things you have to have an appreciation for donuts and cider. Right? Did I lose anyone yet? Fall is also a great season to curl up with a book or pop in your earbuds. Whether you’re staying indoors more from the cold or already procrastinating on your fall semester classes, chances are you’re in need of a distraction. Continue Reading

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The Hiking Diaries: Hunting for Larches at Lake Ingalls

October 23, 2017
October at Lake Ingalls in the Cascade Mountains of Washington is a great spot to look for golden larches.

Welcome to The Hiking Diaries, a series I’m starting to take you along on my adventures through the mountains. I will be sharing the beauty of the area, what we experienced, and the triumphs and failures along the way. From every hiking and backpacking trip there is a lesson to be learned to apply to the next trip. While camping and hiking is fun and relaxing, there are many dangers so it is important to always be prepared. Continue Reading