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3 Best Cash Back Apps to Fund Your Next Adventure

January 29, 2018
Fund your travels by earning cash back at places you are already shopping at.

We all know I love hiking by now. One of the best parts of hiking is that it’s free! However, the gear to make it more comfortable is anything but. Who doesn’t love saving some cash in their wallet while shopping? I know I certainly do. Since minimizing, I’ve been trying to find extra ways to save even more money. Coupons, discount codes, shopper rewards programs, I try to take advantage of them all. Growing up, we never had much extra money so I think (actually I know) that finding ways to save money is in my blood. Thanks mom. With a love of all things money-saving, technology has decided to kick it up a notch. Now we’re able to get cash back from things we already buy all the time! I have 3 apps in particular I click-through before making a purchase and I wanted to share them with you today.


This app and website is seriously awesome. I was SO late to the game on this one. I actually found out about it about a week after I wrapped up all my Christmas shopping last December. Big mistake. Ebates works by giving you a percentage of cash back when you go to an online store through their link. The percentage varies from store to store but in most cases it will at least help to cancel out the sales tax.

Earn cash back at places you are already shopping at. Check out Ebates today!

There are a ton of stores on this app that you probably already shop at, so might as well shop through them! Once you create your account you can go through and pick your favorite shops that you regularly shop at for quicker access to them. Everyday has double percentage back, so it’s always good to check out those stores as well, especially if you’ve had your eye on something to buy. If you use my referral link, it will automatically get you $10 in your account! After so many weeks, you will get a check in the mail automatically with your cash back amount.


Hold onto your receipts when you check out at the store. (Also never realized receipt is such a difficult word to spell!) This app rocks for groceries. It is well established and has a lot of stores to choose from like Kroger, Meijer, and Whole Foods. There are pharmacies and other stores as well, so it’s certainly not limited to just those.

Earn cash back at places you are already shopping at. Check out Ibotta today!

This app works by giving your cash back on pre-selected items. There are a lot of name brand foods, as well as generic produce to choose from. Once you have selected the items you’ve purchased you must scan their bar codes then take a picture of your receipt to prove the purchase. That’s it! The receipt will be verified and your cash will be posted to your Ibotta account. There are a number of ways you can get the cash out such as PayPal or gift cards. My referral link will automatically get you $10! If you’re already doing the math you have $20 from these first 2 apps alone.

Checkout 51

This last app is definitely the smallest but still worth checking out. Like Ibotta, it’s catered to grocery shopping savings. You can check through and star items that you bought, scan the bar code, and photograph the receipt. Sometimes some of the items overlap with the same ones in Ibotta so you can get even more savings from 1 item! Love when that happens. You need to accumulate $20 in rebates before you can claim your cash. Sign up for Checkout 51 and see for yourself!

Earn cash back at places you are already shopping at. Check out Checkout 51 today!

I love the convenience of these apps. Traditionally when I thought of cash back rebates I imagined the hassle of filling out a form, sending it in the mail, and hopefully getting a check for $2 back. The effort almost wasn’t worth the payout. Now it’s just a few clicks on your phone and suddenly you have an extra $5 here, $20 there. Really adds up when you’re trying to save from every facet of your life! Check out this post if you want to learn how to save even more!

Fund your travels by earning cash back at places you are already shopping at.

Have you ever used these apps before? What are some of your favorite money-saving apps?

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  • Shoniece Howard-Jefferson

    You know what! I never knew about the last two apps that you posted about. I think it’s so cool that they’re giving you ways to make money off of purchases! Thanks for this, I really learned something!

  • Wow! I never heard of any of these. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! 🙂