About Me

Lovely and Green is a community for fellow dreamers and wanderlusts looking to inspire and empower one another

If you’re looking for honest lifestyle inspiration and can laugh at yourself you’ll fit right in here. My goal is to create a community for women to inspire and encourage each other to live the lovely life they’ve always wanted.

Perhaps you’re scatter brained like me, or have a million thoughts at once. Fear not! I bring to you a platform to discuss them all. From beauty, health, travel and hiking, you will be able to find posts on it. Above all I want this blog to be an inspiration for self-improvement.

Did I mention I love saving money too? For glam girls and beauty junkies check out ways to enhance you’re already gorgeous self without breaking the bank.

About me Lovely and Green

Why Lovely and Green?

Starting a blog was something I’ve wanted to do for years but had a hard time believing in myself. I love my family and friends and was very happy but something was missing. I felt like I was living a somewhat unfulfilling life, it felt very stagnant. After moving to the Pacific Northwest I began to feel inspired. I was getting outside more, living healthier, and starting to feel a lot better about myself. I was still psyching myself out though. What if people thought my writing was stupid? What if no one even read it? I finally decided to let go and just write. Now I write about what I know, what I’m learning, and what I want to learn about next.

I want to show others that you don’t have uninspired or down – life is all around you! Go out there and live it for yourself! The only thing holding you back from living the lovely life you deserve is usually all in your head. Live unafraid to pursue what interests you and explore it instead.

I think the best way to grow as a person is to continually learn, explore, and most of all challenge yourself. Do what scares you. Thats what I’m doing here and taking you along for the ride. Have any of you ever done something that scares you?

Who am I anyway?

I’m Torey, a girl from a small town in Michigan now transplanted to Seattle with my soul mate and two pups. I caught the travel bug in 2011 when I studied abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. I fell in love with learning about another culture so different from my own. Though I have yet to take another comparable trip since then, the future is bright. Right now I’m occupied exploring all the beauty around me.

Lovely and Green about me

Some may call me scatter-brained but I prefer to think it makes me more interesting that way… Anyway thats what my dad says so we’re just going to roll with it. This brought me to Lovely and Green’s sweet, sweet conception (get your mind out of the gutter, pervert). This is a more aesthetically pleasing way to catalog my thoughts and interests and hand them to you wrapped up with a bow.



p.s.s. You should also be forewarned that I have a tendency to laugh at my own jokes… (Again, my dad’s side of the family is nurturing these habits). Sorry in advance.