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How to get Backpacking Gear on a Budget

February 5, 2018
Backpacking gear does not have to be expensive! Follow my tips to enjoy nature without breaking the bank!

Nature is awesome, man. Is there anything more inspirational than those ad campaigns from REI? A beautiful and giant mountain or forest with a fit human thrown in for scale. Pictures like that really help to put into perspective how big the world truly is. Backpacking and hiking are amazing outlets to get out of hectic lives

The truth is, while you don’t need all the fancy hiking and backpacking gear, you do need some basic things. Things like hiking boots, comfortable socks, first aid kit, and sleeping bag, etc. are pretty much non negotiable. But have you ever price checked all of that stuff? As I talked about in this post about making extra money, gear is expensive, yo. I didn’t realize a hobby that can help you enjoy things for free (nature) would cost so much! The nice thing is, is once you have a lot of the gear it will last you a long time. Since I am on a budget these are some of the tips I employed to get started, and I hope they can help you as well! Continue Reading

Live + Flourish Money Savings

3 Best Cash Back Apps to Fund Your Next Adventure

January 29, 2018
Fund your travels by earning cash back at places you are already shopping at.

We all know I love hiking by now. One of the best parts of hiking is that it’s free! However, the gear to make it more comfortable is anything but. Who doesn’t love saving some cash in their wallet while shopping? I know I certainly do. Since minimizing, I’ve been trying to find extra ways to save even more money. Coupons, discount codes, shopper rewards programs, I try to take advantage of them all. Growing up, we never had much extra money so I think (actually I know) that finding ways to save money is in my blood. Thanks mom. With a love of all things money-saving, technology has decided to kick it up a notch. Now we’re able to get cash back from things we already buy all the time! I have 3 apps in particular I click-through before making a purchase and I wanted to share them with you today. Continue Reading

Live + Flourish Money Savings

8 Ways I’ve Saved Money Since Minimizing

January 8, 2018
Find out the 8 ways that could save you over $800/yr. by minimizing your life! #minimalism #moneysavings #minimalist

Since starting the Minimalist Game from The Minimalists, I have been analyzing almost every aspect of my life in a material sense to save money wherever I can. I have been thinking twice before I make any purchase which is a good habit to get into as a self-proclaimed impulsive shopper. I have really looked at where all my dolla-dolla bills are going. To be honest not all of them were being used in the most efficient ways. (I’m lookin’ at you oh-so-delicious, yet oh-so-expensive Starbucks latte). Here are 8 ways that I have (so far) discovered and saved myself some money. Continue Reading

Live + Flourish Money Savings

3 Ways to go Grocery Shopping Online

October 14, 2017
Save time and money by doing all of your grocery shopping online. Thrive Market and Door to Door Organics are great options for keeping your pantry and bellies full

Raise your hand if you love food. Now keep that hand up if you love going to the store to go grocery shopping…

Did I lose anyone? I’d say like 80% of the fights Steve and I get into is who has to get groceries next (the other 20% is who gets to choose the next Netflix show). That is, until we discovered a secret weapon… Online grocery shopping! This was something I thought was only reserved for the extremely wealthy, extremely lazy, or the reclusive. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, I just would have never classified myself as any of them. (My mom still thinks its for really fancy people.) This is not the case though, as much as I’d like to think I’m fancy (I have stemless wine glasses after all) I’m really not.

The brilliance is in the ease it brings to you:

  • No need to write out physical grocery lists (so last year) you can have a window of your recipe and virtual shopping cart up
  • This is great for busy moms who don’t have to worry about loading and unloading their young children out of the car. I’m not a busy mom but I have been an annoying child before so I imagine it can be a nightmare
  • No pants, no problem! (Unless you live near a really progressive grocery store)

I wanted to share my 3 favorite places to get groceries online so that you too, can experience the joy of not leaving your home. Isn’t technology a dream? Continue Reading