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How to get Backpacking Gear on a Budget

February 5, 2018
Backpacking gear does not have to be expensive! Follow my tips to enjoy nature without breaking the bank!

Nature is awesome, man. Is there anything more inspirational than those ad campaigns from REI? A beautiful and giant mountain or forest with a fit human thrown in for scale. Pictures like that really help to put into perspective how big the world truly is. Backpacking and hiking are amazing outlets to get out of hectic lives

The truth is, while you don’t need all the fancy hiking and backpacking gear, you do need some basic things. Things like hiking boots, comfortable socks, first aid kit, and sleeping bag, etc. are pretty much non negotiable. But have you ever price checked all of that stuff? As I talked about in this post about making extra money, gear is expensive, yo. I didn’t realize a hobby that can help you enjoy things for free (nature) would cost so much! The nice thing is, is once you have a lot of the gear it will last you a long time. Since I am on a budget these are some of the tips I employed to get started, and I hope they can help you as well! Continue Reading

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Tips for a Move Across the Country

December 5, 2017
Planning a move across the country can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips to take some of the stress out of it!

Earlier this year we uprooted everything to move from the Mitten (that’s slang for Michigan to all you non-midwesterners) to Seattle, Washington. This was a dream we have had since early on in our relationship. We even planned our wedding to be in Washington before we knew if we’d be living there with the hopes that we would be by the time it came around. Luckily it all worked out – proof that hard work and positive thinking can make it happen! Continue Reading

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How to Pack a Carry-On for a Long Holiday Weekend

November 30, 2017

Honestly packing making decisions has never been my strong suit. Menus at restaurants? My worst nightmare. More than 3 taps at a bar? Forget about it. A girl needs variety. An endless sampler platter of all the things. So naturally when it comes to packing, I tend to overdo it. It’s the same reason why my purse weighs me down everyday. I want to be prepared for everything and anything. Can anyone else relate?

Since trying to minimize my belongings and reevaluate what I really need, I am taking a more critical approach to packing. Steve and I went to San Francisco for Friendsgiving last week so what better time to reflect on how I did. Packing for colder months brings an extra challenge since warm clothes are bulky and take up precious luggage space. I only brought a carry-on because who wants to pay for checked baggage and then wait for it on the carousel? (Does anyone else get nervous when they don’t see their baggage right away?) I thought I would share my tips and why I am brought each particular thing. Continue Reading