My List

My list of personal and professional goals and aspirations. Some are more long term than others. What are some of your dreams?
Inspired by Jessica Slaughter.

Pay off student loans
Live abroad for an extended period of time
Write an e-book
Stop biting my nails
Keep with my budget
Get LASIK eye surgery

Go rock climbing
Try aerial yoga
Have an “urban garden”

Backpack in the Pacific Northwest
Go to Alaska
Visit Japan
Backpack through Europe
Visit Machu Picchu
Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

Learn Photoshop
Learn another language (Not sure which, yet!)
Learn beekeeping
Learn how to sew clothes
Read one skill building book a month

Start a blog
Take a blogging class
Go to a blogging conference
Get 10,000 page views in a month
Get 100,000 page views in a month
Make money from my blog

Last updated October 2017